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Hi, i am Eirik from Bergen, Norway, and i'm the owner and photographer of DSLR.no Photography. I primarily do nature and landscape photography, with the occasional dabble in other genres.


When I am photographing I love the sensations that you can experience in nature, the thunderous roar from a waterfall, the majestic beauty of the colors in the sky during a sunset, the fresh air and calmness in a forest or the breathtaking view of a majestic landscape.


These are just some of things that drive my passion for photography, I love the exploration of new locations, the planning and the overall satisfaction after getting "the shot"

I hope you like my portfolio, feel free to follow me on social media. If you are interested in buying photos for commercial or private use, you can contact me here.


A great honor for me being featured on the Faroe Islands official stamps with some of my photos from this amazing place.



A photo from the Faroe Islands which i shot is the featured image on the "Landscape" category on Google Wallpapers app on Android.



Featured on 500px ISO Blog for Resource Travel Top 10 travel photos of the week, the image featured was my shot of Gásadalur in the Faroe Islands.


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