A Trip to The Faroe Islands

The Faroe Islands, a untouched, unspoiled and unbelievable land!
These are just some of the words that can be used to describe this archipelago pearl in the North Atlantic ocean.

Situated approximately halfway between Norway and Iceland, the archipelago makes for an exiting destination, with varying weather and friendly inhabitants. Nature awaits!

My luck couldn’t have been better

This was my second trip to the Faroe Islands this year, after being a bit unlucky with lots of fog in the beginning of July, I decided to make a return to this amazing place in the middle of september after advice from the locals.
My luck couldn’t have been better, as i was blessed with beautiful weather and the occasional rain shower(which im pretty used to, hailing from the west coast of Norway)

This is the story of my travels to this beautiful land as a photographer.

Day 1

The trip started on September 14th with a flight booked from Flesland, Bergen (BGO) at 11:00 local time, after arriving at the airport having checked my baggage, it was time for the security checkpoint.
The security checkpoint is always a fun affair when travelling with a big bag for camera equipment (Lowepro Flipside 400AW), the people at the security checkpoint were particularly interested in my Canon telezoom lens which i had in the bag.

Spending around 15 minutes

I recon they have to check when they see a metal pipe of a certain dimension on their X-ray scanners.
Spending around 15 minutes for them to go through every bit of equipment i had in the bag, i was ready to get to the waiting area.
The first thing i noticed in the waiting area was the lack of tourists, it was me and a group of people from the Faroe Islands, waiting for the Atlantic Airways flight to start boarding.
After boarding i was ready for the pleasant 1 hour and 20 minute flight to Vágar Airport, Faroe Islands (FAE)

The airport in the Faroe Islands is a small and efficient airport, so not much time wasted here waiting on baggage to get on the conveyor belt.
After getting my baggage, i was ready to depart for Tórshavn, the capital of the Faroes.


Its not exactly buzzing with activity outside the terminal this day.

I got a taxi from Auto Taxi which cost me 190 DKK (around 27 USD) for the 45 minute trip from the airport to the city center of Tórshavn.

When travelling from the airport to Tórshavn you won’t be bored, the beautiful Faroese nature will keep your eyes occupied.

Leitisvatn Cliffs

A view of the nature of the Faroe Islands. Leitisvatn lake and cliffs on the coast.

Coming to Tórshavn after enjoying the eye candy of the Faroe Islands, i was bound to check in at the hotel i had ordered through Booking.com, Hotel Torshavn.

I stored my luggage at the hotel, since it was around 1,5 hours until check-in, and grabbed my photo bag for some pictures while i waited.

The hotel is located at a prime spot in the city center of Tórshavn , from the entrance it’s around 100 meters to the harbor.


Part of the harbor in Torshavn (Hotel Torshavn is the red and white building a bit of the center)

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